Who am I? I’m just another home owner looking to help you and me pay off the mortgage sooner. Athena have been a superb lender, and what you see is what you get. Existing and new customers treated the same and no out of sync rate hikes (so far). Highly recommend you switch to Athena. The above refer a mate code can be used to help us both pay down the mortgage.

Always seek your own financial advice.

Our Story and why share our Athena refer a mate code?

We have been with many lenders over the years, all with the same promise of good service and low rates. Not long later those rates start creeping up and up to the point you’re paying the same as the big 4. Existing customers keep getting treated unfairly while the new customers get the shiny new low rate. NOT WITH ATHENA. We are paying the exact same rates as new customers and even recently had rates dropped to 1.99% even without and RBA rate decrease.

Not only did we use someone’s refer a mate code when we moved across, we are saving $200 / month in repayments, quickly regaining any refinancing fees when moving across.

Our Athena refer a mate code can be used to offset any refinancing fees and helps us pay down as well…it’s a win-win!

The application process

Wow – super easy! While I was expecting mountains of paperwork, Athena had a different idea. Everything is done online (at least in NSW) and the only trip was to AusPost to confirm my identity. The team at Athena were always quick to respond to questions and were transparent in their costs.

They are stringent in their lending criteria, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get approved…

Refinancing with Athena? Use code ATH-20481 for cash back at settlement!

Where to Start?

Here are some useful links to get you underway in your quest to home ownership:

Athena website – get your quest for home ownership started

Our latest news – check out our latest news from our socials

Or don’t forget to contact us if you have ANY questions!