Here is the latest valid 2024 Athena Home Loans refer a mate code for $250 off your loan after settlement:


During the loan application you will see the following screen…it’s as simple as this:

Simply use the above code when applying for your home loan (there’s a section to refer a mate) and you will get the cash in your redraw account after settlement…easy! With one of the lowest rates and $250 cash back at settlement with code ATH-20481 you shouldn’t hesitate to move across! If you have any questions on using the code don’t hesitate to contact me.

For the latest information on the referral amount and promotional details, please check out the Athena refer page here.

After using the code, drop me a message so we can not only track it together, but both perform a virtual high five knowing we both saved together in these tough times!

Take a look at my YouTube review on Athena, please check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

Who are we? We’re a young family looking to help you and me pay off the mortgage sooner. Athena have been a superb lender, and what you see is what you get. Existing and new customers treated the same and no out of sync rate hikes (so far). Highly recommend you switch to Athena. The above refer a mate code can be used to help us both pay down the mortgage.

Use our Athena refer a mate code ATH-20481 during your home loan application for $250 cash back after settlement!
Use Athena refer-a-mate code ATH-20481 for $250 off after settlement*

Our Story

We have been with many lenders over the years, all with the same promise of good service and low rates. Not long later those rates start creeping up and up to the point you’re paying the same as the big 4. Existing customers keep getting treated unfairly while the new customers get the shiny new low rate. NOT WITH ATHENA. We are paying the exact same rates as new customers and even recently had rates dropped to 1.99% even without and RBA rate decrease, AND DROPPED AGAIN TO 1.89%. Increasing inline with the latest RBA cash rate.

**July 2022 Update: Athena have increased the variable rate by 65 basis points following the RBAs 50 basis points increase.**

**August 2022 Update: Athena have increase the variable rate by 50 basis points following the RBAs 50 basis points increase.**

**September 2022 Update: Athena have increased the variable rate by 50 basis points following the RBAs 50 basis points increase.**

**April 2022 Update: Athena have not increased the variable rate above the RBA cash rate increase (except July 2022). Good to see no rate creep, and us existing customers still getting the great rate new customers receive! **

Not only did we use someone’s refer a mate code when we moved across, we are saving $200 / month in repayments, quickly regaining any refinancing fees when moving across.

Check out our full story and why we already love Athena home loans

The application process

Wow – super easy! While I was expecting mountains of paperwork, Athena had a different idea. Everything is done online (at least in NSW) and the only trip was to AusPost to confirm my identity. The team at Athena were always quick to respond to questions and were transparent in their costs.

They are stringent in their lending criteria, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get approved…

Refinancing with Athena? Use this Athena refer a mate code ATH-20481 for cash back at settlement!

Where to Start?

Here are some useful links to get you underway in your quest to home ownership:

Athena website – get your quest for home ownership started

Athena Hacks Page – Become a home loan Ninja and save thousands!

Or don’t forget to contact us if you have ANY questions! Some suggestions: How to use the referral code? Why are you sharing the code? How is the weather? Or maybe you just want to chat in lockdown…you beauty! Drop me a message!

Still reading? Awesome! Let’s look at some pros and cons I found for joining Athena:


  • Super Easy Refinance – the process was extremely smooth
  • Super Low Rates – they were the lowest at the time, then reduced them further out of cycle
  • 100% redraw facility – put more into your loan and pay it down sooner, withdraw as needed
  • No ongoing fees
  • Same low rate for new and existing customers
  • Nice and simple loan portal – has everything you need.
  • Offset account now available
  • Instant funds transfer from Athena to participating financial institutions


  • 100% online – for most this isn’t an issue, but if you enjoy a chat with the bank manager, this isn’t for you
  • Strict Lending Criteria – you may find they won’t lend to you even if you are comfortable financially, just a heads up
  • No offset account – currently not offering an offset account, maybe they will in the future
  • No debit card linked to the offset account

How to use the Athena Home Loans refer a mate referral code? There will be a box during the application process to enter the code. Copy and paste the code ATH-20481 into that box…done! It’s that simple.

For full terms and conditions please check out the Athena referral website. Here are some of the main points:

Conditions for Referees (Your Mate)

Referees must be new customers that have not settled an Athena home loan before. A $250 bonus payment will be paid to the referee when they submit an Athena home loan application with a Refer-A-Mate code and become an Athena customer when their loan settles. 

Refer-A-Mate Codes

Payment of referral bonuses associated with Refer-A-Mate codes will only be paid on settlement of the referee’s (your mate’s) Athena home loan and satisfaction of qualifying criteria as detailed above.

Does my code put you in the draw for $100,000? You Betcha!

Refer a mate from 16 August 2021 to 31 October 2021 and when they get unconditionally approved, both you and your mate get an entry into the draw! Make sure your mate includes your unique Ultimate$ code in their Athena application before they hit submit.

Entries are unlimited – so the more mates you refer, the more chances you have of winning. Plus this is on top of the usual $250 bonus that you each get when your friend settles 😄

If you have other loans, bring them over to Athena! For every loan approved you get an entry into the draw. Just make sure your applications are submitted by 31 October 2021.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

Thanks for reading – drop me a message if you use the code and I hope you have a great day!