Athena home loans rates are on the move, increasing interest rates by 0.65%. Rates now sit from 3.29% as of 14th July 2022.

A message from Athena below. It’s also important to note, existing Athenians are still paying the same rate you see on the website for new customers. Other lenders may have a better rate advertised but likely won’t last…beware.

Hey Mate,
None of us wanted it to happen, but it did. The RBA upped the cash rate last week by 0.50% (50bps) to 1.35%.

Whenever they do that, it affects the cost of funds to our business immediately. We’re sorry, but we can’t absorb these extra costs. We run lean. We like to give you the lowest rate possible and never charge you any fees, so as of today, 14 July, we’ll be increasing our rates by 0.65% (65bps). This is slightly above the RBA increase. Our cost of funds is driven by more than the cash rate, and these funding market costs have spiked significantly in recent months.

We have held out for as long as we can to avoid needing to increase our rates to cover these additional costs, but we simply can’t absorb them any longer. Many other lenders are in the same boat already, and many more will be soon. Some lenders are hiding their rate increases with existing customers whilst offering great rates to new customers. We don’t do that. But we do need to continue to run a sustainable business and make sure you’re still saving as much money as you can.

We have prided ourselves on passing on the RBA rate drops to you on the same day, when other lenders would only give some or not at all, and always late. In the past 2 years, we also dropped your rate 3 times when the RBA didn’t, resulting in a ton of savings to Athena customers. Why? Because we could. But right now, it’s too tight.

These things don’t change
• Our mission is to help Aussies pay down their home loan faster, and save a bundle in interest costs. Our customers have saved a total of $480 million over the life of their loans so far. And it doesn’t stop here.
• Unlike the big banks, we don’t use fat margins at our customers’ expense to prop ourselves up.
• We do whatever we can to keep your loan as low as possible, don’t charge fees – for anything, and put you in control of dropping your rate.
• Unlike some lenders, we don’t believe in putting rates up for existing customers while giving new customer lower rates.
• We’ve given you a great app, offset and instant payments recently. We’re now working on bringing you more of the kick-ass features you’ve asked for like split loans, investor structuring and app improvements.

Your loan will be updated to reflect your new interest rate from today and you’ll have at least 20 days’ notice before any increase in your repayments. We’ll send you another email very soon with your new repayment details.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email and we’ll be in touch.   

Nathan and Michael
Co-founders of Athena

Athena Home Loans Lender email – update to existing customers 14/07/2022

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