Athena…Show me the money! Referral Code FAQ and Updates

Everyone has questions! Here we will address the most common questions asked via our contacts page and the Athena All Access page. The Athena website has an abundance of information that will also help you on the journey. If you’re looking to apply for a new loan or refinancing, please use my Athena refer-a-mate code ATH-20481 for $250 after settlement.

Can I use your code?

100% YES! My Athena refer a mate code has been used by my best mates and complete strangers. Also, there is no current limit on how many times the code is used.

How much is the Athena referral code worth?

The Athena Refer A Mate code is worth $250, and is paid into your account within 30 days of your settlement. In the past Athena ran promotions worth $500 per referral however currently none are running. Any code used will be worth $250 only.

How long does it take to receive the money?

It seems Athena are processing payments monthly so potentially this could take from a week to 5 weeks for your referral to land into your account. At 6 weeks, it would be best to check with Athena on the status 🙂

What is your Athena refer a mate code and how do I use it?

If anyone is looking to apply for a home loan with Athena, they have a referral program where you get $250 for signing up, and so does the referrer. My Athena refer-a-mate code is ATH-20481. Just use this code in your application at the “Review your application” page. The below image shows where to insert the referral code:

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if any questions. Write a comment or get in contact via the contacts page for any questions.